Realtime-web QRcode & Barcode scanner HTML5

2013 might be the year of the first HTML5 websocket, and I was one of the programmers who used the technology to create QRcode & Barcode scanner for my client.

Before HTML5 websocket, when we create real-time website we can only use the Comet Technology or STOMP protocol. You can check some web apps that I made using previous real-time technologies before HTML5 websocket arrived:

I was personally impressed by HTML5 websocket because there is no need to load / import library into it, we just need a browser that supports the technology.

The QRcode & Barcode scanner uses Python as the backend of extraction and recognition engine, while HTML5 websocket captures the user webcam and sends it through our API to start the process.

Demo of extraction and recognition engine using Python

This is the result when we combine and implement HTML5 Websocket into it.

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