Tecon Toolkit Frameworks

This Toolkit only work on Linux, This toolkit and tools inside are OPEN SOURCE. We create this tools for educational purpose and other purpose (like, hacking, cracking, etc)
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Sometimes it require us to use many tools in hacking activity so we decided to create one framework to support it. This is also a way for me to learn a programming stuff by creating a project that was needed by our hacker community in early 2010.

Version 0.7

We got many feedback from 0.7 version, so we decided to launch version 1.0 with new interface and more tools added for sure. This new interface was inspired by Metasploit frameworks at that time.

Rahmat Ramadhan
Dusun Krajan RT05 RW01, Desa Banjar
68454 Banyuwangi, Indonesia
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