Toolkit For Networking in C#

In 2010, I joined and became a member of #1 computer club study in my college. The process to become a member of said club was not simple. I needed to pass all of the challenges which took almost 5 months and the last challenge was to make a book about programming as listed on the board by our senior. My partner and I chose C# and this is the programming language that I used for the project case in the book.

Why did we choose C#? Because we love C# with their OOP concept and also because visual studio is rather new at that time with a lot of feature and beautiful UI design (Say goodbye to visual basic).

We took Network monitoring because we love to play with the 7 Layers of OSI, especially to dig deep into raw socket.

Network monitoring
Traffic monitoring & Network Intrusion Detection System
Bandwidth Router Trafic Monitoring

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