X1CL - Web file storage

The project is about solving network communication issues in school at a village in Sulawesi.

Since there's no internet connection and the stakeholders want to have their web information & management system for their student and could be able to share a file on the network (without flask disk)

So we came up with a solution to have a Wireless LAN sharing system.
At first, we developed their web file storage/hosting but running in Wireless Lan networks.

After that, we doing research about the typical network hardware we use and we found that:

- Linksys X1000 N300 Wireless Router (with 2 x 2 MIMO and recommendation from 40-60 connected users)

- The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (Web server and run django web app)

- The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (Management and sistem information)

I think its enough to cover all of their needs since they only have 30 staff in totals.

For web technologies, we use Django as the main framework also virtual images so every staff could install the program on their laptop using Virtualbox and run on their local and they will be able to continue their work at home. Once they connected to the school wifi everything will be updated automatically using background sync.

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Rahmat Ramadhan
Dusun Krajan RT05 RW01, Desa Banjar
68454 Banyuwangi, Indonesia
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